Who are we?

Design for Pittsburgh is a group of architects, designers, and planners that come together with the goal of building community and exploring ideas around community design in Pittsburgh. We’ve begun organizing over the past couple of years, and since then we’ve:

  • fostered conversations about projects like ForgingPGH – the city’s comprehensive plan – and community design models
  • hosted talks with designers from across the state, like the Design Advocacy Group in Philly
  • supported neighborhood actions of pushing for zoning code changes and related legislation amendments
  • Created a Pittsburgh Mayoral Design Forum for the 2021 Municipal election – you can read more about how that came together below

Have any questions? Interested in joining us? Get in touch with us at: designforpgh@gmail.com

How did the mayoral design forum come together?

Design for Pittsburgh collaborated with Point Line Projects, an editorial and curatorial agency that specializes in architecture, art, and design to create this mayoral design forum. With a quick turnaround time to meet the May primary, the following steps took place to pull this action together:

  1. A group of designers in Pittsburgh had a question: What is the next mayor’s vision for the design and planning of Pittsburgh?
  2. A questionnaire was drafted with questions focusing on these four topics: sustainability, affordable housing, equitable communities + community empowerment, and historic preservation.
  3. The questions were sent out in a survey to Pittsburgh community groups and organizations, allowing them to rank which questions they thought were the most important and suggest additional questions
  4. Questions were prioritized and re-edited based on community feedback.
  5. Questions were sent out to mayoral candidates.
  6. Once responses were received, they were translated into Spanish (graciously provided by global wordsmiths) to make sure that the information was accessible to more people. They were then shared on this site, various other social platforms, and in print.

This action is co-signed by:

Chas W
Christine Brill, AIAStudio for Spatial Practice. studiofsp.com
Ashleigh Walton, AIA, NCARB, NOMA
Kai Gutschow, PhD
Emily Pierson-Brown, AIA, AICP
Brittany Reilly, Board of Directors, Preservation Pittsburgh. Chair, Pittsburgh Modern Committee. www.pittsburghmoderncommittee.org Deborah Knox
Rebecca L
Ilana Curtis
Jenni Easton, AICP, CNU-A
Valentina Vavasis

two green and white oval stickers - one that reads "we shape out communities!" and another that reads "design for all!"